Samyang Optics

Samyang Optics Company was established in 1972. Since that day Samyang Optics has received a very high position in the segment of optics thanks to the broadening of production assortment. Samyang Optics is concerned with the production of the highest quality optical glasses, industrial optics, telescopes, object glasses and filters.The Company is known as a supplier of a high class optics meeting the needs of the industrial television systems (CCTV). For over 10 years The Company has been concerned with the production of object lenses. The wide range of manual object lenses and their universality if it comes to the systems of the biggest camera producers ensure a quick and stable development for the Company. It is connected with the growth of the made awerness amongst the clients.

Nowadays, Samyang lenses ensure a unique proportion of quality to price. The production technologies used, multiple tests and the designer’s invention comprise on Samyang's succes. The lenses produced by Samyang with a very good optic quality, which is extremely important to amateur and proffesional photographers, keep atractive prices, in many cases are much better than products of such renowneg Companies like Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Olympus or Sony.

The quality of these object lenses was confirmed in numerous test. They are also recommended by the users, who already have bought it. Samyang’s products from day to day increasingly mark their position at the world’s photography market. Development and quality - two most important virtues for Samyang. The Company is not afraid of brave solutions and offers. We sincerely invite you to get acquainted with the Company’s products. The exclusive distributor of Samyang Company on Polish market is Delta Company.